Keeping It Clean During the Holidays

The late part of the year is a busy, if happy, time for most of us. Whether you have children at home or visitors of any kind, combined with parties, shopping, special dinners and occasions, it can be a frantic time in general, and for keeping things tidy. Keeping up with the mess can be exhausting! Here are a few tips for keeping your space clean even amidst the busyness of the holiday season.


Clean as you go

Although it can be tempting to leave everything off until the end, especially when cooking, it is so much easier if you take a few moments to clean up through the process. Start with a clean space – whether decorating, cooking, etc., tidy up the area, load or unload the dishwasher, put away the toys, or do any other general cleaning or tidying of anything that might get in the way.

For example, when the cookies go in the oven, clean the mixing bowl and any measuring utensils, wipe down the counters, get ready for setting out the cookies to cool and decorate. When cooking meals, clean up the prep tools after the food is cooking. Quickly clean the pans while the items from the meal are resting or cooling prior to being prepped and served.


Assign tasks

Don’t take everything on yourself, especially now that tasks are piling up. Joint activities are fine, when productive, but another option is to delegate. Children, partners and spouses often feel more likely to help if they are consulted. Create a list of tasks (or delegate the list-making, if you prefer) and ask which tasks others prefer. Gain consensus on when tasks can be accomplished.


Decorate one space at a time

When getting out holiday decorations, get out one set at a time and put them away when finished. Focus on one thing at a time, like the tree, then the mantle, the outside, the hall, until each is done. Organize decorations as you take out and put away to help make sure they are easier to use by activity or room.


Schedule regular cleaning time

As your calendar fills, finding time to keep up with everyday tasks can be challenging. Block out times throughout the holidays to keep up with laundry, organizing, cleaning, and other necessities to prevent the mess from piling up and feeling overwhelmed.


Of course, the ideal way to help keep your space tidy during your busy holidays is to hire a cleaning service. Services such as Maid for Portland can help with regular cleaning, as well as special events or tasks, such as the aftermath of your annual open house or family gift exchange. You deserve to give yourself the gift of time and a hassle-free season.

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