Cleaning Services

Here is a list of cleaning services that Maid For Portland provides. If there is something that is not listed that you would like to have done in your home, please call and talk to one of our team members or speak with your cleaning crew to request additional chores.

  • Kitchens – Cabinets, light fixtures, counters, appliances, windows, sinks, floors, removal of trash, etc
  • Bathrooms – Cabinets, light fixtures, counters, mirrors, windows, showers, toilets, floors, removal of trash, etc
  • Laundry rooms/closets – Clean outside of washer and dryer, sink, floors, etc
  • Dusting – Lights, baseboards, banners, fireplaces, shelves, home décor, doors, etc
  • Vacuuming – Carpet, rugs, stairs, vinyl*, hard wood floors*, tile*, etc
  • Mopping – Vinyl, hard wood floors, tile, etc (we hand wash floors to ensure nothing is missed)

*Maid For Portland does not use brooms as a part of our cleaning practices. Instead we use a gentle hand held to vacuum any flooring that is not carpeted.

Additional Cleaning Services

  • Organizing – Garages, closets, pantries, ‘catch-all’ areas etc
  • Laundry – We can wash, dry, hang, fold, and put away laundry while we are cleaning your house!
  • Refrigerator, oven, dishwasher – For a move out/move in clean it is pretty standard to clean the inside of these appliances, but we can also do this for a one-time or regular home cleaning at your request
  • Windows – The glass of windows always get cleaned but we can also clean inside the windows including opening and cleaning out the tracks
  • Other – Every home is different, tell us what your home needs!

Our Standards

Maid For Portland believes in providing the highest level of service to each of our clients. We do not have different levels of cleaning services; instead, we provide the same thorough, meticulous, and detailed work regardless of the size of the job. Our hourly rate guarantees that whatever chores you hire Maid For Portland for are going to be taken care of in an efficient and professional manner. No ‘light clean’ vs. ‘deep clean’ with us. Our professionals have been trained and work individually and as a team to provide you with the kind of cleaning service you deserve. No more coming home after the cleaners and being disappointed, our process and techniques will leave you with peace of mind and relief so that you can focus on the important things in your life. Come enjoy the Best Maid Service in Portland.